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Beauty course (cosmetics)
Type of course: qualification
Start Date: 19-11-2018
Places: 10
Available places: 3
Duration: 5-6 months
Note: Licensed
Tariff: 1800 Ron (payment in installments)
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The Beauty Course provided by Art & Style Academy, Oradea will help you become a true professional in the field of beauty. The beautician is the professional who studies and deals with aesthetics problems and beautification of human body. She or he is the one that will help you feel as good as possible in your own skin.
Ideal for harmony, beauty and perfection, the word "cosmetics" comes from the Greek word "Kosmetik" which means decoration craftsmanship. The roots of this word are found in the Greek culture of the cosmos seen as a symbol of perfection. With the passage of time, beauty has become an integral part of daily life among both women and men as well. The techniques and treatments applied on the human body have become so advanced that amazing results can be obtained in a very short time.
By graduating this course provided by Art & Style Academy you will be able to learn the newest techniques in the beauty field. In the end you will be able to practice the beautician profession both in the country and abroad, as the course is accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Education. We provide all materials necessary for the course. Moreover, you will learn to make facials, hair removal, facial massage techniques etc. You will also be a beautician consultant and you will be able to make a diagnosis on the skin, considering its properties. Establishing a fair and effective regimen is essential.
The beautician must be constantly updated with the latest innovations in the field and for this she or he needs to carry out a permanent documentation work.

Appliances and utensils used during practice module are included in the course tariff and these are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy only by participating in courses provided by the Art & Style Academy, Oradea.

Education requirements: upper-secondary education (12 grades - high school graduate).


  • Preparing bills of materials
  • Preparing payment vouchers
  • Observing the occupational and safety at works norms
  • Labor legislation
  • Professional training
  • Ensuring hygiene at work
  • Using cosmetic equipment
  • Supply of specific materials
  • Preparation of cosmetic materials
  • Scheduling clients
  • Making of depilatory work
  • Making of makeup and retouching
  • Making of cosmetic treatment
  • Dyeing of eyelashes or eyebrows
  • Promoting beauty salon services
  • Creating the ambient
  • Consultancy
  • Setting regimen