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Nail Prosthesis Stylist
Type of course: perfecting
Start Date: 12-11-2018
Places: 8
Available places: 1
Duration: 1 month
Note: Licensed
Tariff: 600 Ron (payment in installments)
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Making of and applying false nails is an art only if the following conditions are met: proportionality rules are observed, colorimetry and color theory are applied, the design has a story behind it and has the power to bring it to the surface. Sources of inspiration are endless. Your imagination is your only barrier.
By graduating this course you will be able to practice both in the country and abroad, as the course is accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Education.

Education requirements: graduate of at least 10 grades.

In order to become a nail stylist you must have both creativity and a lot of patience. Among the nail beautician responsibilities there are: making of porcelain nails, filling porcelain nail, knowledge of the making of square, oval, stiletto type nails, one stroke technique (Chinese painting), various flowers, leaves, butterfly etc. The beautician will also be familiar with various acrylic paintings, gel based 3D designs, application of porcelain and porcelain related accessories.

Appliances and utensils used during practice module are included in the course tariff and these are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy only by participating in courses provided by the Art & Style Academy, Oradea.


  • Communication and numeracy
  • Teamwork
  • Planning daily activities
  • Professional development
  • Observing the occupational and safety at works norms
  • Ensuring hygiene conditions at workplace
  • Management of resource
  • Nail care
  • Hands and feet care
  • Making of artificial nails
  • Design the natural look of artificial nails
  • Damaged nails prosthetics
  • Removing artificial nails
  • Making of decorations for nails